Support Services

Support services are offered throughout Florence County. FCDSNB serves more than100 people in a variety of programs. Services are developed based on the choices of the consumers and their families. Each individual has a plan of support that identifies specific goals. The plan consists of the strengths, interests, and talents of the individual and the assistance needed to achieve the results that they want in their lives.

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Early Intervention

FCDSNB provides Early Intervention for children ages 0-5 with developmental delays or disabilities through our "Early Steps" program. Each child served by Early Steps has an Early Interventionist, who coordinates services and may provide Special Instruction. 

Services coordinated by our Early Interventionists include access to therapies, school services, and community programs.  We work together with each child's therapists (occupational, physical, and speech) and family to create an individual treatment plan.  As our children near school age (3-5), we help their families with the transition into the school system.  We also ensure that our families are aware of support groups and other community activities and programs that may benefit them.  Through Family Support, we are able to provide respite care to families who qualify.

Most of the children served by Early Interventionists receive "Special Instruction."  Special Instruction occurs in child's home or daycare, with their primary caregivers.  Early Interventionists lead activities designed to teach the caregivers how to help the child reach goals specified in the treatment plan.

Though our Early Steps program, FCDSNB is able to make a difference in the lives of children and families.  We truly believe that we can change the course of a child's life and help them reach their maximum potential by beginning Early Intervention at a young age.

Please contact us for more information or to refer a child. Reference Early Steps, which is administered at the Mumford G. Fuller Center at 411 Railroad Avenue in Florence.

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Family Support Services

The Florence County Disabilities and Special Needs Board offers family support services to address the needs associated with caring for individuals with disabilities. Our aim is to improve quality of life and help build a better future. We offer a variety of family support services to enhance the lives of the people we support.
A Service Coordinator is available to all eligible individuals with disabilities and special needs, and their families. Service Coordinators work with the individual and their family to identify needs and develop a plan to meet those needs.

Community resources are utilized to individual with being as independent as possible. Service Coordinators work to provide and coordinate services to ensure that our mission, to help people grow beyond their boundaries, is realized.

A program to assist families with children who have needs is also available through family support. Early intervention services is a home based family-focused service for developmentally delayed children from ages birth- to three-years. Training is provided to the child and to the family by an Early Interventionist. In-home training provides stimulation and promotes child development. Before the child turns two years of age, the Early Interventionist initiates a transition plan which provides a smooth adjustment into the public school system.

The STEPS program is optional for adults with developmental disabilities who are in need of family planning and health education services. The primary goal of the STEPS program is to help prevent second-generation disabilities through education and family planning. The STEPS program also promotes healthy lifestyles for adults with development disabilities. There are five objectives that addressed by the STEPS program. They are as follows:

  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevent sexual abuse or victimization
  • Prevent sexually transmitted diseases
  • Prevent problem pregnancies through assistance in obtaining adequate prenatal care
  • Teach parents how to provide nurturing, safe and stimulating environment for their children.

Referrals for services come from many sources, including schools, doctors, BabyNet, health centers, hospitals, Children's Rehabilitation Services, and other agencies.

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Day Support Services

FCDSN offers various opportunities for individuals in training and work settings. We develop social and personal care skills so individuals can achieve more independence in their lives. By doing actual work in our workshops in a natural work environment individuals earn wages and are able to improve their work skills. It is the ultimate goal of each workshop to train and prepare individuals for employment in the community.

Day Support Services offered are:

  • Center Based Training: Two workshops, one in Lake City and one in Florence (do contract work for various area and national companies).
  • Enclaves: Training and work on a jobsite (Industry) under the supervision of a staff ... work in area factories until work is done.
  • Mobile Work Crews: Work in the community (lawn crews, janitorial) under the supervision of a staff ... do commercial lawn and janitorial work in the community.

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Employment Services

Employment Services is an on-the-job training service that links employment of people with disabilities to local businesses. Trained professionals assist individuals with the completion of applications, interviews, and job placement. In this age of corporate consciousness, companies learn quickly that pride and a solid work ethic emanate from their employees with disabilities, creating goodwill with 43 million Americans with disabilities, their families, friends and co-workers. Supported employment opportunities include job coach, enclave and mobile work crews.

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Job Coach Services

FCDSN offers this service to develop employment alternatives with one-on-one training to teach the necessary skills to perform and maintain a particular job. Job coaches work very closely with the worker to ensure that he/she achieves money management skills, is able to use public transportation systems as needed, and develops the interpersonal skills for co-worker relationships.

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Residential Services

The Residential Living Facilities operated by Florence County Disabilities and Special Needs Board offer a multitude of life experiences. Maintaining relationships with family and friends as well as involvement in community activities is strongly encouraged. A strong emphasis is placed on participation in church activities, involvement with civic clubs, sports, recreational events, and Special Olympics activities.

Interdisciplinary Teams promote individual choice to ensure and enrich quality of life. The individuals' areas of support may include medical / nursing, dietary, psychology, psychiatry, service coordination, leisure, employment, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and self-advocacy. Residential Services offers several housing choices for people with special needs. Choices include:

Intermediate Care Facilities ICF

Five (5) single-family homes located in Florence, Olanta, Johnsonville, Pamplico, and Timmonsville. These facilities provide twenty four (24) hour care, supervision, and training. A continuous active treatment environment is provided based upon need. Eight adults reside in each facility. Each facility is neatly furnished with private bedrooms and decorations based upon choice. Through daily living and interpersonal skills, we promote independence and a network of choice and satisfaction.

Community Residential Care Facilities (CRCF)

Two (2) single-family homes located in Lake City. Twenty four (24) hour care, supervision, and training is provided. Eight (8) consumers reside in each home. Each home is neatly furnished with private bedrooms, and decorations based upon choice.

Community Training Homes I, II

Individuals are offered the opportunity to live in a home-like environment under the supervision of qualified and trained care givers/ employees. Caregivers are either trained private citizens who provide care in their own home (CTH I), or employees who provide care in a home owned, and operated by FCDSNB (CTH II). Personalized care, supervision and individualized training are provided for no more than three (3) individuals living in a CTH I, and no more than four (4) in a CTH II. FCDSNB operates eleven (11) CTH II Homes and five (5) CTH I Homes.

Supervised Living

Apartments or duplexes located in Florence, and Lake City serve adults capable of independence. Supervision and supports are in place based upon individual needs. Staff are available twenty four (24) hours a day to assist as needed. Individuals may live alone or have roommates to share expenses.

For information regarding residential services, contact:

  • FCDSNB Residential Supports Administrator
    1211 E. National Cemetery Road
    Florence, S.C. 29506
    Fax: 843-678-8573

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