Employment Opportunities

FCDSNB's Human Resources department focuses on providing our employees with top quality support, benefits and services. We value the many contributions provided by our employees and for that reason we continuously seek new ways to address or support their needs. The Human Resources department strives to offer a competitive and comparable compensation and fringe benefit package. We strive to recruit and promote highly qualified staff within the agency. FCDSNB was recognized by the South Carolina Employment Security Commission as Job Creator of the Year for its recruitment efforts.

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Training Services and Job Applications

Human Resources presents an extensive orientation and ongoing training program for employees. Staff development, career enhancement and educational advancement programs are continuously encouraged and supported for employees. Specialized training programs, health fairs, annual benefit updates, and incentive programs are made available to employees. We believe that continuous training and professional growth improves the skills of our employees as well as the quality of services to our consumers. Please contact us for a job application and for more information.

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Volunteer Applications

The FCDSNB's Volunteer program has taken on a new identity. We are now referring to our volunteers as Starburst Volunteers. It is exactly like it says, Someone True And Ready BURSTing with energy to spend time with people that our agency serves. We are working on new ideas for volunteers to get involved in more ways with the agency. Please contact us for more information

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